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  • Isik Ozturk

The modern agriculture has chosen its path; BIOSTIMULANTS

Seeking green and sustainable ways to promote plant growth and produce fertilization counterparts of biological origins has become a major goal in agriculture. The economic relevance of such products is significant as the global market for biostimulants has been projected to reach approx $ 2,500 million by 2023, having a compound annual growth rate of 12.5% from 2013 to today. In the European Union, the economic value of biostimulants is estimated to be between 200 and 400 million euros (with a yearly growth of 10%) (European Biostimulants Industry Council).

Stemming from the positive effects on plant growth, reduction of stress and disease prevention, the use of biostimulants will contribute to boosting plant production, yield and quality in years to come.

Being at the forefront of innovation in plant nutrition, Herbitech is fully equipped to help characterize plant responses in physiological, biochemical, and molecular levels for linking biostimulant composition to specific phenological effect on crops. We are well aware that bioactive compounds can have activation effects at different concentrations in different cultivars of even the same species. We are indeed experienced in identifying common reproducible effect of biostimulants in most horticultural plants and cereals.

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