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Biostimulant and Fertilizer Studies

No. 1 CRO in Spain in plant nutrition 


We offer trials in bioactive and biostimulant formulations, mineral and organic fertlizers, growth regulators, adjuvants, correctors, phyto-fortifiers, biofertilizers, mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal microorganisms. 
Our expertise goes well beyond solely testing performance of the formulations. Bioactive compounds can have varying activation effects at different concentrations even on the same cultivar. We are fully equipped to help characterize plant responses for linking biostimulant composition to common, reproducible phenological effects on crops. 

In addition, we cover hydroponics, essential and nonessential elements, plant physiology, food quality, ecology, as well as soil fertility, soil protection, soil physics, chemistry, biology, and mineralogy. We actively provide with scientific outputs to plant nutrition and fertilization technologies.

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